There are all kinds of accessories and components that can improve and reinforce a lorry. Some will improve on the lorry’s look, while others will provide more comfort for the driver. Progress can help you arrive at the finest exterior and interior products: innovative, creative and focused on the end user. Let Progress help you add value to your brand.

Passenger cars


We design, develop and manufacture all kinds of accessories for lorry exteriors. From safety features to aesthetic upgrades: the possibilities are endless. Are you curious about what Progress has to offer? These are but a few of the things we can do:

  • - Grille delen in RVS of kunststof
  • - Cabin design parts (a.o. design trims & logo’s);
  • - Grille design parts in stainless steel for Mercedes-Benz Actros;
  • - Grille design parts stainless steel for Scania R-serie;
  • - Exterior parts for Iveco Stralis


There are also all kinds of ways that accessories and components can enhance a lorry’s interior. These include:

  • - Illuminated entry guards
  • - Entry guards
  • - Interior parts in ABS or stainless steel;
  • - Cabin styling elements, illuminated

Do you have an original idea? Don’t hesitate to brainstorm with our development department. We are ready to harness all our passion and creativity to make your idea a reality: from the very first design to manufacturing to on-site delivery.

Building a prototype